Circle segment calculator, formulas, practical use.

Calculator for a circle segment calculations

The circle segment calculator is designed for calculations radius and diameter of a circle segmentcircumference and area of a circle segment, chord and arc length of a circle segment and height of a circle segmentFor successful calculations, you need to know and enter into the calculator radius or diameter and at least one of the other valuesOr chord length and height of a circle segment. Then press send or enter to run calculation

Parameters sketch:


Calculator form:

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Variables and constants explanation:

r – radius
d – diameter
C – circumference
A – area
LA – arc length
π– 3,1415926535
H1– section height
L1 – chord length
– unspecified values
specified values
calculated values 

Circle arc length calculation formula 1:

Circle arc length calculation formula 2:

arc length radius diameter chord

Circle chord length calculation formula:

circle chord length formula

Circle segment height calculation formula:

circle segment height formula

Circle segment area calculation formula 1:

circle segment area formula with radius height

Circle segment area calculation formula 2:

circle segment area formula with diameter height

Circle segment circumference calculation formula:

circle segment circumference calculator

Calculator use:

Calculations of circle segment for:

  • technical calculation of D-shaped trimmed shaft in the engineering industry
  • the cross-sectional area of a truncated cylinder, truncated tree trunk, pipe, tube, hose, rod, tunnel, pillar
  • school calculations of a truncated cylinder